The orange beards of Bangladesh

In March/April 2017 I travelled to Bangladesh to make several photo reportages.
One of the things that amazed me were the man with orange beards that I saw on the street.
I decided to walk through Old Dhaka and ask every single man with an orange beard if I could take a picture of him.

When I asked why they dyed their hair, most said because of Prophet Muhammed. Who is believed to have dyed his hair with henna as well. And some said as a first reason because they think it’s beautiful.

Islam is the largest religion in Bangladesh. 90% of the population is Muslim. And although I have traveled to other Muslim countries I have never seen men who dyed their beards with henna. It made the already colorful streets of Old Dhaka even more colorful.

With big thanks to Maleeha Hafiz for being my translator in Dhaka.