Exhibition Kopi Susu

My series ‘Hide and Seek’ is now on show at cafe Kopi Susu. It’s a cultural cafe around the corner of my house in Utrecht. Where you can enjoy nice coffee, Portuguese tapas and Indonesian snacks. The exhibition is up until January 4th 2017.
I have photographed about 20 people with a leaf in front of their face and worked with double exposure. Although I shot the images with my digital camera, I work in a analogue way, so I don’t use photoshop to create illusions. That’s all done with the camera 🙂


Kopi Susu, J.P. Coenstraat 69, 3531 EP Utrecht


There was an article in the dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad/Utrechts Nieuwsblad’ about the exhibition. 😀