Since I was 18 years old I have been asking myself: Who am I in essence?
In my work as an artist I have approached this issue in different ways. Always driven by a desire to become more finely tuned with whom I am essential. During my art school graduation I have focused on observing and photographing sensory experiences in order to be in the moment. I have taken part in different exhibitions in order to share these moments of nowness.
I also researched my love for clothing; how I could express myself in my colourful clothing, how I could make more conscious choices in my consumption behaviour and how I could inspire others to do so as well. Partly by interviewing and photographing others both for ELLE magazine and for my own blog.
Since a few years the search for my essence brings me to my own roots. I have examined my family history, starting with my fathers country of birth: Indonesia. I interviewed family members and made a trip to the country where I worked with the nature.