Kim Poldner – Wardrobe Photography

This is the colorful wardrobe of Kim Poldner which I recently photographed! Her style is classic and feminine with a twist. She loves fabrics like suède, silk and bamboo that feel soft and sensual on her skin. She tries to avoid synthetics and clothes that are too tight and make her feel uncomfortable.

Kim about her wardrobe shoot:
“The shoot was a wonderful experience that started already weeks in advance. I picked my favorite outfits and photographed all of them in advance, played around a bit with shoes and accessories and had some friends comment on my choices. Based on those interactions I fine-tuned my selection. On the day of the shoot I suddenly also had to think about my hairstyle and the position of my body. Luckily Chantal has a lot of experience with wardrobe shoots and helped me to create some diversity to come to this ‘bricolage’. “