Zomerexpo 2017


My work got selected for the Zomerexpo 2017! Yihaa!
Three works from the series ‘Hide and Seek’ are on show in museum de Fundatie in Zwolle.
The theme of the exhibition is ‘water’ and it is really nice to wander through all the different water worlds.
So catch a wave to Zwolle and visit museum de Fundatie, the show is on till August 31st 2017.


Remko Dekker made two really nice movies about the Zomerexpo 2017, the first one is short impression of the opening, the second one a 30 minute documentary following three Zomerexpo participants. (both in dutch)


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Exhibition Kopi Susu


My series ‘Hide and Seek’ is now on show at cafe Kopi Susu. It’s a cultural cafe around the corner of my house in Utrecht. Where you can enjoy nice coffee, Portuguese tapas and Indonesian snacks. The exhibition is up until January 4th 2017.
I have photographed about 20 people with a leaf in front of their face and worked with double exposure. Although I shot the images with my digital camera, I work in a analogue way, so I don’t use photoshop to create illusions. That’s all done with the camera 🙂


Kopi Susu, J.P. Coenstraat 69, 3531 EP Utrecht


There was an article in the dutch newspaper ‘Algemeen Dagblad/Utrechts Nieuwsblad’ about the exhibition. 😀

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Urban Yogi Project


I started out the Urban Yogi Project in 2014 for my big love: YOGA!
It’s about looking for quietness in a life that is so full of movement, thoughts, chaos, dreams, hopes, desires.
The series below are shot in Lisboa, Portugal with local yoga lovers.





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