Uit de kast – Februari 2017


ELLE February is in store 😀 This time I photographed graphic designer Vanessa van Dam. She has a classical feminine style but with a cool edge and lots of pretty high heels! Funny that I chose these three pics where she is wearing flats. In ELLE magazine you can see it all 😉 Enjoy



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This is the first issue of Square1magazine! A magazine about sustainable style: an ode to the stripe!
I feel honoured that I got to shoot the cover image and the fashion reportage with Chanel Trapman.
We took the same long sleeve and Chanel wore it three times in a different way.
If you wanna stay tuned for more sustainable style check Square1magazine!


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I shot the new autumn/winter collection for M!DS by Iva Jankovic.
With the beautiful Lena and Anna.
The label M!DS artwear is designed and made by Iva Jankovic, she works with natural fibers such as linnen, cotton and viscose.
You can check out, try and buy her designs at Puha in Utrecht.



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Uit de kast – Oktober 2016


For ELLE October I photographed multitalent Anna Nooshin! She is the co-founder of the online magazine nsmbl.nl, tv host for RTL Boulevard, wrote two books and has her own You-Tube channel. She is everywhere!
Lucky me that she made time to share her 25 favourite outfits for ELLE magazine.


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